Healthy Feet Podiatrist Queens 69-27 164th St, #2 Queens, NY 11365

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Healthy Feet Podiatrist is located in Jamaica Queens and are the local specialist in foot and ankle treatments, procedures and non invasive surgery. With years of experience our Podiatry Clinic has treated thousands of patients in the area.

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    Healthy Feet Podiatrist is one of Queen’s Top Rated Podiatry Practices
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    Healthy Feet Podiatrist Queens 69-27 164th St, #2 Queens, NY 11365 (718) 313-5955 

    Healthy Feet Podiatrist Queens is composed of a highly professional award winning medical staff in Queens that specialize in Bunions Surgery, Hammertoe Surgery, Foot Surgery & Laser For Toenail Fungus. Our board certified medical staff also is well known for handling no fault, car accident & workers compensation injuries.

    Our podiatry center is located near Fresh Meadows, Richmond Hill, Hillcrest, Jamaica Estates, Holliswood, Hollis, St Albans, Briarwood, Kew Gardens, South Ozone Park & Queens Village on 165th street in Jamaica, NY.

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    Board Certified Podiatrist

    Our team of board certified Podiatrist have years of experience treating every type of condition of the foot and ankles. Our experts have created a family friendly office with state of the art equipment with a patient first mentality. You will always be treated as #1 and receive customized treatments and procedures that will literally have you back on your feet in no time. Certified in the state of New York our physicians have been close relationships with all our patients in Queens and the surrounding areas.

    Our State-of-the-Art offices

    Healthy Feet Podiatrist of Queens have easy to reach clinics located in Jamaica Queens. We are on a mission to reach our local community by providing unbeatable foot and ankle treatments and procedures without the inconvenience. Our state of the art podiatrist office utilizes non invasive treatments and we work with our patients to avoid unnecessary surgery except for only the most extreme cases! Our promise to you is that you will feel welcomed and given a service that is second to none.

    See what our patients say…

    Healthy Feet has been my podiatrist of choice for years and they have helped me to overcome the pain and discomfort in my feet 
    Finding a good Podiatrist is hard, but at Healthy Feet in Queens I have finally found a Podiatrist to treat my bunions without invasive surgery
    5 stars for the team at Healthy Feet. They treated my hammer toe quickly and with care and attention
    Thanks to Healthy Feet I can walk without the pain I was feeling for year!


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    Treated Conditions

    We treat the most common conditions in the feet and ankles, from mild cases to severe. Give us a call you are suffering from any one of the following conditions:

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    Our Board Certified Podiatrist can help!

    At Healthy Feet Podiatrist in Queens you will find only experienced board certified Podiatrist who specialize in all foot and ankle treatments using noninvasive surgery
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    We stay up to date to provide only the safest and most effective treatments and procedure.
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    Healthy Feet Podiatrist Queens 69-27 164th St Queens, NY 11365

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    (718) 313-5955

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