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Athletes Foot

Athletes foot is a common fungal infection that usually starts between the toes and can spread to the whole foot. You will notice it from dry and cracked feet. itchiness and discomfort. Our podiatrist at Healthy Feet Podiatrist can treat you for all forms of athletes foot with various safe and effective treatments. Call us today to get the athletes food relief you need! Our office is conveniently located in Queens and can be reached from anywhere in NYC

Causes of Athletes Foot

Athletes foot is causes by a fungus that gets worse from from moist and warm conditions. 
You can be at greater risk for athletes foot I you  walk barefoot, share a bed with someone who has the fungus, hike or excericse in damp socks, and men are at higher risk.

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Prevention of athletes foot

Athletes foot can be prevented by keeping your feet as dry and clean as possible. This is especially true between your towns where the fungus usually first starts. wearing well ventilated shoes, and changing your socks often can help greatly.

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