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Corn Removal Surgery

Corn Removal Surgery

We at Healthy Feet Podiatrist are highly qualified and trained in the medical and surgical treatment of many types of conditions affecting the feet such as Corns.
Corns are a build-up of hardened skin tissue which grows on the top of the toes, may be yellow or white and are very painful and very difficult to get rid of without professional care, we are here to help all of your foot care needs. Schedule a consultation now for specialized corn treatment, we are located in Queens and New York City !!

Causes of Corns

Corns are caused usually by shoes that are too small and repeated friction against the toes

“Healthy Feet has been my podiatrist of choice for years and they have helped me to overcome the pain and discomfort in my feet”

Symptoms of Corns

Hardened areas of skin
Round bumps on the foot
Reduced sensitivity

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