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As pediatric podiatrists, our physicians are specially trained to recognize any signs of foot problems in children and know how to fix them. We offer a variety of treatments in Queens NY, including custom orthotic footwear, surgical procedures and arch supports so that your child has the right equipment to play sports or just be active.

All designed to improve the health of your child’s foot or ankle.

The pediatric foot and ankle care specialists at Healthy Feet podiatrist in Jamaica Queens are committed to the health of your child’s feet. Find out more about our services and schedule an appointment today!

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What is a pediatric podiatrist?

Pediatric podiatrists are doctors who specialize in the foot and ankle. Pediatric podiatrists in Queens NY care for children with foot problems, such as flat feet, high arches, or clubfoot.

what is clubfoot and what happens if is not treated?

Clubfoot is a congenital condition characterized by deformed feet that curve into a ‘pigeon-toed’ position. If left untreated, the bone and tissue in the foot will continue to grow and restrict movement of the foot.

The condition is often detected in early infancy when the baby’s foot is measured and compared to the other. It may also be detected later, when a child begins walking and begins to limp. In some cases, clubfoot can be treated without surgery by wearing a brace or cast for several weeks, following medical guidelines.

Why should parents see a Queens pediatric foot doctor?

It is important that parents take their child to a pediatric foot doctor in Queens, NY because they will be able to identify any potential problems in their feet, which will help them stay healthy for years to come.

What are the signs of a foot problem in children?

Feeling pain in your child’s feet, ankle, or lower legs is a sign of a foot problem. Other signs are:

– Tingling in their toes
– Children complaining, they feel like they are walking on a pebble or stone with every step
– Swollen feet or ankles
– Sores on their feet

How often should kids visit their pediatric podiatrist?

Our pediatric podiatrist recommends bringing your children for a visit once per year for an annual checkup.

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